Succeeding with game based marketing

One third of the worlds population are gamers. How do marketers reach this target group? By joining them!

Did you know that one third of the worlds population play videogames? They play anything from mobile apps to console games to live streamed e-sports tournaments.

The Drum, one of Europe's leading marketing sites, is highlighting the fact that gamers is an increasingly attractive target group.

Game based marketing is used by companies that want to engage and involve their audiences. Interaction is a key element when reaching target groups. Gamers are triggered by rewards and achievements - thus winners of marketing games often win prizes.

Game mechanics - such as competitions, rankings, points and incentives are used to motivate and attract customers. The overarching goal is to establish brand loyalty.

In addition, the games can contribute to gaining target group insights.

Research shows thayt people learn better when they:

  • are physically active
  • play involving learning games
  • use technology to visualise

At Wittario, we use these fundamental principles to develop a game based learning platform. We get audiences moving! Using a digital map on their tablet or phone, players move between waypoints to solve tasks. Brand messaging is included in the tasks, the task descriptions or the provided links supplementing the tasks. We also use augmented reality to enhance the experience.

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